I received a press release from my friend Coley Ward at our local Food Co-op. I honestly don’t know how to paraphrase it, shorten it, or Mrs. Green-ize it so why not do the old cut & paste?  I hope you read it and more importantly, I hope you find a Food Co-op near you so you can participate. And when all else fails, at the very least eat in a locally owned restaurant! Eat local, America – what a concept!!

The Food Conspiracy Co-op invites citizens to feast from farms 

Eat Local, America! initiative unites food lovers across the country in support of local food . Want to learn more about eating local?

 The Food Conspiracy Co-op is launching a campaign this summer to help people do just that. From May 15 through May 29, consumers can explore the benefits of eating the region’s best locally sourced foods through Eat Local, America!, an initiative led by co-op grocers nationwide.

To participate in Eat Local, America!, shoppers are invited to stop by the co-op to find great local food options and event information and join the Eat Local online community at www.eatlocalamerica.coop. Participants are encouraged to set a goal for themselves. Whether eating one meal a week made with local foods or trying to source a specific percent of meals locally, participants can set a goal that fits their lifestyle.

 The Food Conspiracy Co-op will also organize several events as part of Eat Local, America!, including a tour of Sleeping Frog Farm and a bike ride through southern Arizona’s wine country.

 The Food Conspiracy defines local food as anything grown within 100 miles of the co-op, or anything made by a business located within 100 miles. During Eat Local, America! and throughout the year, the Food Conspiracy helps shoppers identify local food by labeling all of our local products.

 “Summer is an exciting time of year for co-ops; the bounty and diversity of local foods are at their peak in Southern Arizona,” said Coley Ward, Food Conspiracy marketing manager. “Eat Local, America! gives us a chance to introduce ‘newbies’ to the local food movement in a fun, engaging way, but also to challenge local food lovers to get creative.”

 “Though eating locally has become more popular recently, The Food Conspiracy has a long tradition of developing close relationships with food producers,” added Ward. “Right now there is a groundswell of people looking for authentic local foods, and we’re thrilled to be at the center of this movement.”

 The Food Conspiracy joins dozens of natural food co-ops hosting Eat Local, America! coast-to- coast. All are members of National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA), a business services cooperative representing 119 retail food co-ops nationwide.

 Food lovers can learn more about Eat Local, America! and how to participate at www.eatlocalamerica.coop. For more information on great food, visit www.stronger.coop