Oh the places we’ll go in Earth Month. Imagine a world where every day is Earth Day & because of what we all start this month in the year 2012, we will help BE the change on the planet we wish to see all year long.  I rarely suggest copying anything but in this case,  making a copy of the Earth Month ideas below will help remind you to actually do them, might lead to discussions with your families, friends & co-workers and will help you practice the habits of living sustainably – every day. Here are my thoughts for week one:

Day 1 – make a green plan. Even though it’s April 2, planning is key & we can make up for lost time.

Day 2 – already posted on my FB page – if you are still using plastic bags – please stop. If you have stopped, pick up the ones you see flying around or growing on trees in your neighborhood.

Day 3 – so predictable. Plastic bottles. Find some really cool reusable ones. Break the habit, just say no, save the planet, save your wallet!

Day 4 – take a walk outside. REALLY listen to the birds, REALLY look at all the flowers getting ready to bloom & the new growth on the bushes and trees. Nature at it’s finest.

Day 5 – eat an organic something. Apple? Tomato? Some lettuce? Celery? Savor every bite. Eat it consciously.

Day 6 – shop locally for everything you possibly can this day. Eating out? Need a gift or a card? Surprise yourself by really making the effort & discovering unique treasures & outstanding customer service.

Day 7 – visit a local park, a national monument if there’s one close enough, a botanical garden. Just get out of the rut and make the time either by yourself, with your kids, your spouse, your partner. Out of the box Earth Month idea week one? Suggest meeting someone for lunch at a park  & pack a healthy one!

And idea how sustainable for me if I hear from you?  Hope I do. Happy to share your ideas for living your best green life.