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I never worry about content for this newsletter. So indulge me as I write, again, on one of my favorite topics: plastic bottles. They haven’t gone away and I give you my word that when they do, you will never hear another peep out of me on this subject.

The long and short of it – a scientist named Peter Gleick has written a book called Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water. Newsflash: he says the water industry is exploiting us. Ya think?

Here are some highlights as reviewed by Aileen Wong:

It’s Expensive – bottled water is thousands of times more costly than tap.

It’s Falsely Advertised – Snow-capped mountains may be on the label, but the water comes from a public water system 40 PERCENT OF THE TIME!

There’s NO Indication It’s Safer – We assume bottled’s better because we pay for it but tap water is monitored much more frequently.

It’s Bad for the Environment – (I have to SCREAM out here – not shout – is there any living, breathing human being who does NOT know that?) Millions of plastic bottles don’t get recycled – they are in our landfills forever.

Two Words:  Drinking Fountains – They’re disappearing because of bottled water. They should be everywhere.

Mrs. Green’s comments: Please, stop using them. To my friend Carol – I am with you on Aqua Chill and reversed osmosis with refill stations all over the country. How do we start the wave in Tucson? Gotta start somewhere.

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