I believe it’s pretty safe to say that every human being (at least of the adult kind) uses the beginning of the New Year as a time to reflect, recommit and restart.  For me, it’s exciting to think about how I can help our Mrs. Green’s World partners spread the word about things they are committed to in order to perpetuate our shared vision (preservation of the planet) in the coming year. Soooo…green drum roll for our first partner to share some exciting news about their VERY creative initiatives in 2014!


In their own words, here we go.

Big changes at Sun Rideshare in Pima County, Arizona.  New things coming!

1.   Sun Rideshare Rewards Program.  Drive Less. Earn Points.  Get Rewards.

It’s that simple. Drive less by using alternative modes of transportation. Earn points for each alternative mode trip and qualify for great rewards. Sun Rideshare Rewards Program begins Jan. 1, 2014.  A person (over 18) earns one point for each alternative mode trip taken, no matter the distance, time of day or purpose. (Mrs. Green’s reaction? Rewards for doing the right thing!)

This is a big change for Sun Rideshare in that we are moving from a focus on people who work outside the home and commute everyday to anyone who travels to anywhere at any time. To accommodate this program expansion, we have converted our Commuter Calendar to a Travel Calendar, so all alternative mode trips can be logged and will count toward prizes in the Rewards Program.

2.  New Sun Rideshare Travel Database. Our commuter database is now the Travel Database, where anyone over 18 can register, log alternative mode trips and participate in the Rewards Program.  The new Travel Calendar uses point-and-drag technology to make logging your trips fast and easy. A summary report is available for each registrant so they can track all their trips, how much money they save and how much pollution they eliminate.

3.   Do Zombies Carpool?  The Travel Demand Management staff at Pima Association of Governments hired Firehouse Pictures to create a new infomercial for Sun Rideshare.  The PAG and Firehouse staffs have created an entertaining and educational infomercial that presents the many benefits of alternative transportation. At the end of December, the infomercial will be posted on YouTube and distributed to our TRP employers, which they can use at staff meetings, training sessions and new hire orientation.

4.  New Tag line for Sun Rideshare.  Drive Less. Save More.  New visuals with new tag line are coming soon.

Wow doesn’t seem to be quite adequate.  And a few green factoids from Mrs. Green to explain why I am so thrilled about these initiatives: One gallon of gas emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide; one hundred gallons generates a TON of CO2.  Puts not burning just one gallon of gas into perspective – yes?

Hope you will want to join Sun Rideshare,   Pima Association of Governments and Mrs. Green’s World  in making strides towards a cleaner, healthier planet in 2014 because together we can all make that happen.