Have you heard the news about Devour Hunger for Waste Not? It’s an opportunity for you to eat a delicious meal and feed the hungry all at the same time!

Here’s the deal: stop by any of the twelve restaurants listed above by July 31, order their special for Waste Not, and part of the proceeds of that dish will go directly to Waste Not!

Waste Not is dedicated to food rescue and redistribution. Six days out of the week, they collect good food that would otherwise be thrown away from restaurants, resorts, caterers, grocers and various food purveyors. On average, they redistribute about 6,000 pounds of food daily to over 100 diverse agencies that feed the hungry. $1 donated to Waste Not will help to feed 6 people.

And one of the best things about this campaign is that each of the featured dishes uses ingredients from local food producers! So the dollars from your dish will go directly to feeding the hungry in your community and supporting your local farmers and food producers.

Can’t decide on which restaurant to visit? Make sure to check out their list of specials through the end of the month that will benefit Waste Not.