America celebrated another birthday two weeks ago.

Independence Day has always held a special place in my heart. This year it got me thinking – is there something in my life that I want to be independent of? Is there something I wish to vacate from my daily life experience?

My first thought was of the thing that plagues my health the most – sugar. Seriously – is there a bigger battle for most of us? SUGAR. The inflammation in the body caused by sugar – the number of podcasts we have done and the number of books I have read about the effects of sugar makes my head swim. I really do need to begin that process – weaning myself of sugar. This alone could be a 20 page blog but I think what was most interesting was the second thing that came to mind.

Paper towels. The number of paper towels that I use in a given day is embarrassing. Seriously, I believe I alone am keeping Procter & Gamble in business with the amount of Bounty brand paper towels I purchase. I know better and I know what my alternatives are – I just have become dependent on the convenience of the paper towel.

And there it is – convenience.

The components of our lives that provide us conveniences are often those we have allowed ourselves to become dependent upon. Those same conveniences are not often in the best interest of our true home – planet Earth. Mindful, conscious living (understanding the connection we, all living beings on the planet, have with one another and the planet itself) is essential so that our choices are in the best interest of all. They no longer are choices that solely benefit our lives – making our lives ones of convenience. We are able to declare our independence from the conveniences and we become a connected, collaborative, essential, dependent link in the web of true life – one with nature and the balance of all living things.

From what do you wish to declare your independence? Perhaps the use of plastic, consuming fast food, using body products that are toxic and tested on animals make your list? What is your plan of action? We would love to hear your list and learn from your action plan. Please write to us and share your ideas!


Kelly King is a woman taking small steps toward a healthier happier life and planet, all the while caring for her two children, husband, cat and Mrs. Green’s World.