wp-LeslieMeehanLeslie Meehan, PhD Co-Founder and Council Member Gaiafield Project

Leslie is a social architect and activist committed to community healing and transformation. How are we learning to get along so that we and our great-great-grandchildren of all species can thrive? How will Leslie’s life-long quest for healthy communities, taking her from roaming the outdoors in her rural hometown, through a Stanford MSEE and engineering management career, around the world backpacking (twice!), deep into the realm of motherhood and volunteering, and along an eclectic spiritual path provide us with insights as to how to create a Global Culture of Peace? What are we to learn from Gaiafield Project and why is it so important that we do? I cannot wait to interview this amazing human being.  I hope you will join me. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.