Kelly KingKelly King

Being a part of the Mrs. Green’s World team has provided me with many gifts. Here is the biggest one – the awesome conversations I get to have with others about the issues facing our health, the lives of those we love (including our furry and not so furry friends) and the state of our planet. Want to know how many of those conversations begin? They begin with this question – “where do I begin making changes in my life that can move the planet forward towards a healthier state of being?”

My answer to that question is this – “become a conscious consumer”. We all consume. Whether it is in the traditional sense of purchasing things or in the macro sense of the resources we need for life to happen everyday – we all consume. When we seek to raise our awareness, our consciousness, around what and how much and why we are consuming what we are…that is a huge first step in moving the planet, and all that call her “home”, forward.

Mrs. Green’s World recently hosted the urban farmer, Greg Peterson, on our show. You can listen to the podcast. This show is rich in ideas of how to become a conscious consumer! When you listen to this show, you can begin to understand that our food system in America is truly a “just in time” system (where our harvested food is picked before it is ripe – when it is less nutrient dense and as soon as it is picked, the nutrients it does have start to degrade). Greg shares what the average food miles (the distance a food item travels to get onto your plate) are in America and that any city in our country has about a 3-day supply of food available for those living in that area, should there be a shortage of any kind. That is something that should raise your consumer consciousness!

Now, being more conscious as a consumer is truly the beginning. Building on that beginning step, so that the bigger impact can be made, is the key. This is the true message embodied in our show with Greg. We all have the power to make a difference on this planet around our food. We all – regardless of the size of space you have or the time in your day – can grow food! We can create edible landscapes that support various eco and life systems – including our own. We can know where our food comes from and what has been put on it. You can know your farmer because your farmer can be you!



I encourage you to listen to our show with Greg. Raise your consumer consciousness and then go one step further toward that bigger impact. Greg is offering a free webinar on October 2nd and you can register for it here. This could be your opportunity to embrace the power you have and make a difference for our planet.

Kelly King is a woman taking those small steps toward a healthier happier life and planet, all the while caring for her two children, husband, cat and Mrs. Green’s World.