I admit that three years ago I had no clue what cradle to cradle meant.  Simply put, it is used to describe products that don’t end up “in the grave” but continue to be recycled in some form or fashion.  Taking a look at what purchases you make to see if they ARE cradle to cradle is a good thing.  You will be hearing and reading more about from companies across a broad spectrum – trust me.

A good example of  product to assess in terms of its cradle to cradle-ness (totally made that up) is one like shampoo & conditioner.  Is it manufactured by a beauty company that was the first in the world  and only the second U.S. company in any industry to receive a Cradle to Cradle (C2C) sustainability endorsement? I did my research, sought out such a company, have switched to all Aveda products and now have the support of VerVe Salon to spread the good, green, eco-friendly word to everyone in Mrs. Green’s world.

Take a look at Aveda’s website: certified organic products, 80-96% post-consumer recycled shampoo bottles, bottle cap recycling, AND giving back millions of dollars to enviromental causes.  I know there are other great companies doing wonderful things out there but I double green dare you to find one that is doing it on the scale of Aveda.

Happy to be going to Verve today in good old Tucson, Arizona?  You bet I am. (www.vervesalon.net)

To your health and that of the planet.