In terms of green marketing and the green message, Jacquie Ottman has it going on on so many levels it would be hard to capture the essence of Jacquie. She consults with Fortune 500 companies, is known as the green marketing guru & most importantly, she walks the walk AND makes sense.  After I read this blog,  I called Jacquie to ask if she would be my guest blogger because this is such a great one. Bottom line? We’ve got the power. We can save the world. Our voices will be heard – we just have to raise them. And we have to think less is more when it comes to consuming.

Here’s the link and I hope you will read it because it’s all about hope & proof positive that when Davide meets Goliath in 2012, we can expect the same outcome.

Can’t wait to have Jacquie on green talk radio again – Mrs. Green’s World awaits. Her We-Hate-To-Waste campaign yet another stroke of genius.