Matt Herrington, Director of Sustainability

Bill Osteen, Senior VP of Business Operations
Golden Eagle Distributors

Think thought leaders. Think game changers. Think good stewards of the environment. Meet Golden Eagle Distributors. This Tucson, Ariz. family-owned and operated beverage distributor partnered with Ryder System, Inc. and converted their entire heavy duty fleet to Compressed Natural Gas. The reason? To reduce transportation-generated emissions & reduce fuel costs. That was in 2011. In late 2012, GED and Trillium CNG announced the grand opening of a Compressed Natural GAS (CNG) fuel station in Tucson. Not only does this fuel station fuel GED’s 23 vehicle CNG fleet, the station is available for other commercial fleets and is open to the public. I have been waiting for this interview! This show sponsored by Golden Eagle Distributors.