This is an event by Hayley’s Angels Veterinary Services. The goal of the event is to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle, to help all animals live better, which includes caring for our planet as well.

Dr. Lefebvre will be releasing her first book as well: “Animal Teachings, from Hayley’s Angels Methods” to help animals and people live better and die with as much peace and dignity. She promotes a new concept of Intuitive Medicine, that completes the conventional medicine/alternative medicine options already in place. She also answers the question: why do we, people and animals, get sick?

Dr. Lefebvre shares the teachings of animals on her path, and suggests to everyone to open up to all the divine teachings that both people and animals on your path are offering you. Together, we can help each other grow in becoming better humans, heal our planet, and build a better and happier world for all living creatures. It is time to rediscover our own power, and use it selflessly in a global effort to help the world rise to a new level of energy and consciousness. Dr. Lefebvre hopes her book can show the way to a better world.

November 13th 2011 1:30 PM-8 PM

Diamond Center at Desert Diamond Casino
I-19 Exit 80 (Pima Mine Rd)

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