It’s always kind of surprising to me when people take a shot at the local power company (Tucson Electric Power Company) and sometimes at me for having them as a sponsor.  Since I am feeling a little testy today, there are times when I want to say “Really? So what else do you think they could be doing?”

Just for the record, I sought THEM out to consider sponsoring Mrs. Green. Why? Because I met so many of their staff out in the community talking about their “green” initiatives, that I dug deeper. I read all I could about Paul Bonavia, their CEO. I read all about their green energy programs on their website. I read about their mandates from the Arizona Corporation Commission and asked myself how they are ever going to comply. I talked to lots of  people I respect in the community to get their read on TEP.  The feedback?  Good. Really good.  `

The truth is that for now,  fossil fuel is what we’ve got to meet the demand we have today, this moment, as we speak.  I don’t like it but I like my lights, my refrigerator,my heater, my air conditioner,  my hair dryer, and yes – even my TV at times.  And I believe that if there was a way for TEP to “flip the switch” and turn Tucson into a solar-powered city, they would be leading the pack. (Check them out:

It’s just not that simple AND I can’t wait to see what TEP will be up to next.  Keep in touch and you will hear about it on green talk radio – trust me.