T. Van Hook, CEO, Habitat Tucson 

The holidays are the ideal time to give back to your community. Celebrating a holiday can become even more meaningful through the act of giving and sharing, especially with those who have less.

Habitat Tucson CEO T. Van Hook will join us to discuss how Habitat Tucson is building hope for the holidays and all year round for hardworking families in Southern Arizona. How Habitat Tucson not only helps build homes but repairs existing homes for deserving families and how the work that Habitat Tucson does in the community would be impossible without individual donations. This year, Habitat Tucson dedicated fifteen homes to hardworking families. That means fifteen families will be celebrating their first Christmas in a home they have purchased with an affordable mortgage.

“Home” has many meanings. But for many families, during the holidays, “home” takes on an extra special meaning. Home becomes the center of celebrations and gatherings with family, a place to return to. Habitat Tucson is dedicated to ensuring that being home for the holidays means making lasting memories with the people you love in a stable and safe place.

Learn how your tax deductible charitable donation can lead to affordable home ownership this holiday season. And how shopping at the HabiStore for holiday gifts goes to supporting Habitat’s mission. Not to mention we remind all our philanthropic listeners that your charitable gifts need to be clocked in by December 31st to receive the charitable tax credit!