Growth. Is there a more dynamic experience? It far exceeds being only a human experience – growth encircles our every moment. We can see it, feel it, measure it, live within and around it. If we are living mindfully, the experience of growth illuminates our lives in expected and unexpected ways. You may have noticed Mrs. Green’s World showing signs of growth. We certainly have in our 10 years of being…but especially now. We have come to a place of true clarity about the work that we purposefully are called to do on our planet. I have evolved, my team has evolved and we could not be more ready and enthusiastic for what this next chapter holds.

Years ago, I wrote a newsletter about a question someone asked that stopped me dead in my tracks. “Well, if you are not the press, who are you?” My answer was very reflective of where Mrs. Green’s World was going. I said that my platform was a strong, powerful voice for creating a larger more intentional community of people who care about the planet. I shared that now, more than ever, I fully realize that there is just one planet and we are rapidly depleting Mother Earth’s resources – on land and on sea. Now my soul/sole purpose in life, pretty much during every waking moment, is to help raise awareness for what shape our planet is in and how critical it is for people to wake up, live consciously, and help create the massive shift that has to occur in our behavior albeit quickly.

That brings me to today – where growth and clarity have delivered us. Who are we? Mrs. Green’s World strives to be the most trusted educational platform addressing the environmental crisis. We are home to a disruption for good. We are passionate game changers, moving our intentions, actions and choices away from faster, cheaper, newer to more sustainable, safer and healthier. Our mission is to provide solutions, wisdom, ideas and inspiration that help empower our community to actively participate in being agents of change.

We invite you to join us. We invite you to be the change you wish to see in the world. We invite you to be a disruptor for good – making choices that create a safe, healthy, fair and sustainable planet for all. Thank you for being a part of our world! If you have not yet listened to our podcasts, liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter or joined us on Instagram – please do so today.


Another Great Partner Joins Mrs. Green’s World

It’s always exciting for the MGW team when we add a new partner because we know that it helps to strengthen our shared intentions to work towards a more sustainable and socially just world. We are thrilled to announce our newest partner:  Pathways Financial Partners. They have launched a cutting-edge investment platform called Sustainable Investing Online that helps clients reduce their carbon footprint while investing in their future and in a more sustainable planet. There is no downside! Their commitment is to help their clients save and grow their retirement assets while disrupting for good. Did you know that your investments may include Exxon Mobil and other harmful energy companies? I admit that for quite some time, I did not. Here is a great solution to take your doubts and fears away: Sustainable Investing Online’s portfolios empower investors to vote with their money by focusing on companies with reduced carbon emissions. What excites our team about this investing opportunity is that you can direct your investment portfolios to screen out and limit exposure to high emission companies harming our air quality AND the planet. Corporate America and Congress need to wake up and begin focusing on sustainable business practices to promote a healthier planet. Needless to say, where all of us invest our money really matters if we want our voices to be heard by those in positions to effect change. Get ready to learn more about impactful ways your investment assets can be part of the solution! To learn more, please visit Sustainable Investing Online. Welcome Pathways!