Best Summer Staycation contest

Voting on the “Best Summer Staycation EVER” has ended. And the winners are…

1st Prize Winner –
Amie Irwin of Tucson, AZ

Amie Irwin and family

My husband and I would take a staycation anywhere right now! He just got back from 9 months of Air Force training which made me a single mom for 9 months! In town I would suggest La Paloma because we love the pool and slide! Or Starr Pass because we have never been and I’m sure we would love the lazy river there and relaxing by the fire pits. Out of Tucson I would go back to Sedona in a heart beat! Hiking, horseback riding, wine tasting, picnic by the creek, shopping and just relaxing watching a wonderful sunset! My third suggestion would be Bisbee. There is something about this little town that is so much fun and unexpected. Wow I guess I have a long wish list! Anywhere would be great!!!

First Prize:

2-Night Staycation Package at a Resort Near You!

Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ

This First Prize Package includes two nights accommodations at an exclusive resort near you.  If the lucky first prize winner is from Arizona, your holistay will be at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Known throughout the world as the “Jewel of the Desert”, the Arizona Biltmore provides a restful oasis of 39 acres covered with lush gardens, glistening swimming pools, and Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced architecture. And guess what else?  They have a GOING GREEN statement on their home page!  Gotta love that!

If the winner is from outside Arizona, some of the resort options include (but are not limited to!): Hotel Del Coronado in sunny San Diego, CA, Sofitel in Philadelphia, PA, Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, FL, Fairmont Chicago in Millenium Park, Trump International Hotel Las Vegas or the Hotel Andra in Seattle, WA.


2nd Prize Winner –
Carrie Williams of Marana, AZ

Carrie Williams and FamilyI would love to go on a Staycation over July 4th at El Conquistador, or Starr Pass. Since having our second child in February funds have gotten tighter in our house, and staycation is me staying home with the two little ones and my husband working. It would be nice to get out for a night.


Second Prize:

Green Adventure Kit provided by Goodwill Industries of Southern AZ

Goodwill Green Adventure Kit

Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona provided training, services and jobs to almost 16,000 people with barriers to employment last year.  As one of the “original recyclers”, Goodwill is proud to be a part of this Mrs. Green contest.  Like many items donated, this picnic basket appears to have never been used.  The wicker basket contains cups, plates, salt and pepper shakers and flatware for four. Other items in this fun adventure kit include books, games, Sherpani Urban Backpack, coolers and grilling tools!




3rd Prize Winner –
Christina Negrete of Tucson, AZ

Christina Negrete

I love to stay at one of our local resorts for the 4th of July! We don’t use gas or jet fuel to get very far and yet the kids (and parents) get to cool off in the pools. We live in Tucson Arizona and it takes some time to get to the Ocean which is not very green. In addition, we watch a community/resort fireworks show which doesn’t require any driving. We also eat from one resorts own garden- we have toured it and it is amazing. We of course reuse our towels -everything dries here in a nanosecond! We never leave the resort and reuse or own water bottles to not waste any of those silly priced resort bottles. This summer we can’t really afford to do it but maybe with the help of Mrs. Green! The picture of us is 2 years ago at the resort’s garden 🙂

Third Prize:

100% Unique Recycled Coffee Duffle Bag from WeBe Bags

WeBe Coffee Duffle BagWebe Bags is an exciting new-ish (2005) eco-company that makes accessories out of old coffee, feed, flour, rice and money sacks. Better yet – all designs are produced in the good ‘ol US of A! Mrs. Green is thrilled to provide this prize – a WeBe Bags’ Coffee Duffle Bag! And it keeps getting better – the company is owned by a husband and wife team – Tara and Angus Beavers. They share the passion of creating a business that supports Third World Suppliers, Stay at Home Moms and, of course, creating a great product made from mostly reused materials. Mrs. Green gives WeBe Bags the “Sustainable-All-The-Way-Around” award!


Winner of Mrs. Green’s Choice Award –
Diana Helstrom of Tucson, AZ

Diana HelstromA staycation for me means taking a week off of work and staying home! Ahhhhh…Sleeping in is “Green”, right? There truly are so many things I can change to make a real difference in our lives. The first  change is swapping out ALL lightbulbs in the house with the energy efficient bulbs.  A friend of mine did this and said it really did make a noticable difference in her monthly bill…I’m in!  Another commitment is to eliminate plastic bags from multiplying under my kitchen sink.  I already have plenty of my own carrying totes that will now be kept in the car for grocery shopping and any other purchases along the way.  I’ve always wanted to cultivate my own herbs.  A window garden of herbs will be a pretty and aromatic way to save money on the grocery bills and will double as delicious gifts for friends during the BBQ season. It’s also about time I learn to test and treat my own pool!  This alone will save me $100 per can’t be rocket science, can it??  Now for the big project:  going through our home and gathering all of the “stuff” (clothing, household goods, furniture, etc.) that we TRULY do not use, have out-grown, don’t like, don’t need.  All of these items will be donated to our local Goodwill.  It will be so refreshing not having crammed closets, over-stuffed drawers and crowded rooms! I will also be able to reclaim another parking spot in the garage 🙂  By donating our useable items, not only are we helping our community, we get a tax write-off..another savings!  We already participate in our waste recycling program, but my daughter had a super idea that expands on this.  During our walks, we will be picking up any litter and adding it out our recycle or trash pick-up.  That doesn’t save us, but sure makes our neighborhood look better and we get the exercise in the process. My daughter and I will spend the entire staycation together not only revamping the house but doing some fun stuff, too..minature golf, bowling, a movie night out, BBQ/sleep-over with her friends.  While my staycation doesn’t take us too far outside the front door we will save money, clean out the house, make our neighborhood cleaner and benefit others in the process…and undoubtedly have a few laughs along the way.   Maybe I’ll need two weeks off!

Mrs. Green’s Choice Award:

2-night Stay at the Adobe Rose Inn

Adobe Rose Inn

The Mrs. Green Team will review all contest entries and choose the winner of the Mrs. Green’s Choice Award. The winner will receive a two night stay in any room at the Adobe Rose any weekend from mid-June until mid- September subject to availability.  That includes 24 hour access to the pool, a complimentary bottle of champagne accompanied by hors d’oeuvres, a bouquet of roses and a complimentary MTCVB Passport to local attractions.


Best Summer Staycation EVER Contest

What type of summer getaway might possibly be the “greenest”? Why, a staycation of course! While the downturned economy and rising gas prices have increased the popularity of staycations in the US and abroad, staycations are also better for the planet! Driving short distances rather than flying certainly reduces the carbon footprint, and supporting your local economy offers a myriad of benefits for your community.

If another word is what you’re looking for, try stoliday or holistay, as they say in the UK. Wikipedia defines a staycation as “a period of time in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, or vacations in their own country, possibly taking day trips to area attractions”. We often forget that some of the most beautiful places are very close to home. A staycation is a great way to have a camping adventure in your own backyard, or discover something new in the next town over.

Contest participants submitted their Best Summer Staycation Ideas. Take a look at the amazing entries we received: View Contest Submissions

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