Just so you know, that was the headline in an article I read this morning written by Kristen Cook from the Arizona Daily Star on 1/20/11. Even though learning about safe cosmetics was THE single most significant component in the making of Mrs. Green, this illuminating, informative coverage of the dangers in our skin care & beauty products made me commit to taking another look at everything I am putting on my hair, face and skin.

Kristen reiterated that carcinogens, pesticides, plasticizers and more are found in our every day household skin care products. She writes about a book called “No More Dirty Looks” written by two friends who decided to write it after they discovered that hair treatments they both had contained formaldehyde. They were traumatized – ya think?

And the part that got Kristen the most on this journey was identical to what got to me the most way back when – the children.  It horrified her that some of the WORST offenders were things she had bought for her kids. For example, the bath soap (complete with Sponge Bob’s picture on the front) contained several ingredients from the  “No More Dirty Tricks” blacklist.  This is not something that makes a parent smile.  Kristen pitched them.

I highly “prescribe” reading the entire article. It gives great websites to visit if you are called  to action like I was.  I have to go now – I’ve got bottles & beauty creams to pitch.

Beauty Without the Ugly Chemical Beast