When using water in our deserts conservation should always be front of mind. Consider these tips:

* Choose low-volume toilets to cut back on the amount of water used every time you flush. Toilets are now available that flush based on solid or liquid waste to save even more water.

* Check your toilet to see if it has a leak. Just add food coloring to the toilet’s tank, if it seeps into the toilet bowl you have a leak. Fixing a leaky toilet can save you hundreds of gallons of water each month!

* If you haven’t already, install a low-flow showerhead. Limiting shower times to 5 minutes can reduce water consumption by up to 1,000 gallons per month.

* Always fix your leaky faucets to save more than a hundred gallons of water a week. You can also install an aerator to reduce the flow of water without affecting your water pressure.