I am admittedly a cup half full person.  No news there.  On any given day I believe we can look for what’s wrong with the world and find lots or look for what’s right with the world and find even more. 

Case in point: Verdant Earth Technologies.  You can’t see much on their website yet because their two founders, Myles and Josh, are too busy making a difference.  They know that we are in a race against time in terms of water shortages in the southwest and around the world.  So they have developed a way to grow lettuce from a seed to a beautfiul full head, without pesticides, with using ONE gallon of water (versus 150 gallons per head in a lettuce field) using biodegradable materials and the beat goes on.

I spent an afternoon with Josh and Myles last week.  They are a perfect combination of business savvy and mad scientist.  They dream a better future for all of us but they are dreamers of the day who make things happen. Did I mention that neither one of them can possibly be 30?  Myles explained with delight and passion the growing process, managing the nutrients in the soil, how they incorporated the shade to keep the plants from burning, and how a 10,000 square foot facility can be operated by 1-2 people.  Josh, on the other hand, talked about the presentations they have made to venture capital groups interested in sustainable technology and how hopeful he is about bringing in the partners who will help them take this dream to the next level.

For all of our sakes, I wish them well.  They gave me yet another reason to celebrate and to know that  bright young minds are building a future that’s filled with hope, possibility and change. Let’s keep our eye on them!  And celebrate….