wp-AlokAppaduraiAlok Appadurai, Fed by Threads Co-Founder

There is such a thing as perfect timing and having Alok on the show at this time has taken on new meaning since my trip to New York City. The Go Green Conference had a series of outstanding speakers describing the horrors of the textile industry and I mean horrors. Yes, I cried and I was not alone. It will be an honor to interview the co-founder of Fed by Threads, the first and ONLY humanitarian, sustainable, US-made clothing line and store in America that feeds 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans from each item sold. They believe the choice is simple. They believe the results are profound. They are making REAL goods for our national economy. They are not outsourcing jobs. They are NOT even harming the environment much less destroying it. They sacrifice profits to feed hungry Americans. Is there a downside to Fed by Threads? I think not. I can’t wait to join Alok! This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.