My friend, Jacquie Ottman ‘s (Junky Jacquie) journey of collecting junk began when she was about four. Since then she has become the internationally recognized Green Marketing Guru. Her latest target? WASTE & trust me when I say she hates it.  I invite you to read on so you can she what Junky Jacquie is up to now & hopefully join the movement. It’s an important one – for all of us…

“I am very excited to announce the official launch of our new consumer-focused blog and website. In beta test since June, it’s called 

Our goal with is to start a movement by galvanizing a community of ardent ‘Waste Watchers’. These consumers embrace the critical need to use resources more mindfully, and prevent waste and pollution before they are created. Their stories and strategies can provide us all with valuable insights into what it takes to live better by leading more sustainable lifestyles, and what new products, services, infrastructure, and communications can promote more responsible forms of consumption.


Born to Hate Waste springs from my personal passion, eradicating waste. It manifested itself at age four when I dragged home treasures from the neighbor’s trash — and took flack from siblings who dubbed me ‘Junkie Jacquie’ (no kidding). will highlight my own personal stories of trying to lead a waste-free life, along with those of a passionate community of other ‘Waste Watchers’.

Don’t waste another minute! Please visit now and take a look.

As a member of our close network of clients and friends, I welcome your feedback and your ideas for optimizing the site. I look forward to opportunities for collaborating with you in assisting businesses, governments and not-for-profits in finding profitable, productive solutions for helping people live less wasteful and better lives. And if you personally hate waste as much as we do, I invite you to join us at, sharing your own stories, and helping us to spread the word. ”

All I say is amen sista!  Interested in learning more about Jacquie?  It’s all on Mrs. Green’s interview on green talk radio podcast.