April Contest Entries:

We asked “What’s your idea for the best way to celebrate Earth Day?” and here are some of your answers…

Oliver, an old pro at spotting trash that needs to be picked up.

“My Son, Oliver, 5 years old, wanted to help “make the Earth healthy”. So Eloise (3 years old), Oliver and I walked around our neighborhood picking up trash. We live in a neighborhood with a strict HOA and I wasn’t sure how much we would be able find but they were very excited to find little bits of paper, plastic bottle caps and other random trash can flyaways. I found it disconcerting to hear their cheers, “A cigarette, mom, look! yeah!” We had fun and the “hood” looks great.”

Amy Kaminski- Winner of the April 2010 Contest!

“Just to stop and look at the flowers blooming, the beautiful mountains we have all around us and APPRECiATE! Also, the 22nd was my recycle pick up day and the blue bins lining the streets are a real concrete statement that we do care. Unfortunately, my picture taking skills are not good enough to show it and you will have to VIZUALIZE!!”

“Happy Earth Day! I had no outside meetings today so I did not take a shower! Went running this AM, did some gardening, worked 6 hours writing, designing on home office computer. Eating a salad (mostly from my garden) now, glass of wine, not planning to see a single human being. My version of going green. I promise toshower before I have to be around people again. Believe me, you don’t want a picture of this!”

“Turn waste into wealth. Engage your tribe to create gardens in each others’ yards. If you can’t all keep up with a compost bin, put one in a yard and all add to and maintain it. Turn your potlucks into gardening events. Take Starbucks up on their spent coffee grinds offer. Bring your compostables (and office mates’!!!) home from work. Be the ringleader of your tribe!”