Numerous environmental working groups, the American Medical Association and various organizations in Europe all agree on this topic so I hope you take the time to read this important information about antibacterial soap.

The culprit in this case is a toxic pesticide called triclosan that is actually powerful enough to threaten children’s health and pollute breast milk. It has been linked to cancer in lab animals, has been targeted for removal from some stores in Europe and is recommended AGAINST use at home by the American Medical Association. Researchers in several of the articles I read wrote that exposure to triclosan can cause significant disruption to the endocrine system, a finding that has countless and serious health implications. Now I don’t know about you but after reading that, why would I want antibacterial soap in my house?

To give you a little more information on how strongly many doctors and health professionals feel about this subject, here is one quote that got my attention: “Not only do we need to ensure that these products don’t have a place in our homes, we need to be proactive in having them removed from our schools, community centers, and other public facilities.”

Everything I researched said the same thing: triclosan’s human health and environmental impacts are serious. So please – take this seriously and feel free to do your own research. I don’t want to write a long novella filled with technical terms as you can find all of them your heart desires by simply doing a web search on dangers of antibacterial soap. I believe you will come to the same conclusion I have and guess what? No more antibacterial soap can be found in my house.

So what’s a person to do and how can I shift the entire tone of this newsletter to a positive, take action message? Not a problem. Many of the articles I read said to get rid of antibacterial soaps if you have them, and also noted that people who are exposed to household germs usually develop stronger immune systems and are healthier overall. Clean – not germ free! If you are feeling pro-active, talk to store managers and tell them why you aren’t buying antibacterial products – because they threaten your health and are not good for the environment. And last but not least, use safe, eco-friendly cleaners like Bon Ami, Baking Soda, Vinegar and Water and any number of more natural cleansers for hand soaps. (Kiss My Face Self-Foaming Soaps is one example.)