Clearly one of the biggest blessings in my journey as Mrs. Green has been, and continues to be, the relationships I have formed since the journey began.  Case in point for this blog, Aric Caplan.  His website  bio reads: Aric Caplan is the founder and president of Caplan Communications, an award-winning full-service communications practice specializing in public advocacy, legislative strategy solutions and literary publicity and marketing.” But what he really is is a smart, early adopter, thought leader kind of guy. My dream is that we will work together someday & he will help take the mission & vision of Mrs. Green to another level when the timing is right.  But that’s a story for another blog.

Here’s Aric’s picture to just give you a visual. I think is it worth a thousand words but you get to decide.

“A Face You Know You Can Trust”

According to Aric, he writes one article a year for O’Dwyers to “get it all out.”  And believe me, I get that.  Aric asks the question: “why do some public relations professionals knowingly champion industries that pollute air, contaminate vital water supplies, circumvent protective regulations and make false claims against clean, renewable energy? Would it be an indictment of our industry to recognize that PR agencies working to advance petroleum, natural gas and nuclear energy are part of the problem?” So why do they? Since I always invite you to think, not tell you what to think, I hope you will click through to read Aric’s entire rant.

Why?  Because the stakes to all of us are high.  Having even a little bit of insight as to how much more deeply we need to dig to get beyond ostensibly “green” “sustainable” companies will require doing your eco-friendly homework. And isn’t our planet worth it?