The wedding of our youngest daughter, Emily, last weekend in Taos, New Mexico to one of the most wonderful human beings on earth – Ben – was a magical and joyous event for Mr. Green and me!

Ben-EmilyJust a short report about the “green” aspects of their wedding. Mr. Green and I were so proud because an earth-friendly wedding mattered to us, but most importantly it mattered to Ben and Emily. For the most part, events are very hard on Mother Earth – lots of waste of all kinds and lots of energy consumption and there are not always easy solutions to changing that.

Here’s the good, green scoop and hopefully at least one picture that will bring a smile to your face, and why such incredible pride and gratitude on our part because of the contributions of many.

Here’s the list:

Not a single water bottle was anywhere to be found. Glasses and pitchers of ice water

Gina-EmilyThe wedding venue was locally owned and all of the rooms were rented by family and friends (food for the sustainable soul!)

99.9% of all the decorations were bought at second hand stores or came from family. It was a Pinterest wedding so lots of second hand vases, candle holders burning SOY candles

emily-cupcakeThe wine glasses were plastic because of issues with glass in the pool area but they were given to my daughter from another wedding and she is passing them on to someone else.

After the wedding, ALL of the containers were offered to friends and family who live in Taos or who had ways to transport them and the rest were given away to staff at the San Geronimo Lodge. They were beyond delighted to receive them to share among their friends!

But here’s the best part. This wedding was all about family and friends, about kids of all ages and connection and community. It was not a four hour event but rather a long weekend celebration where people tripled up in rooms, slept on blow-up beds, and carpooled long distances. All to celebrate the amazing, joyful, intentional marriage of two people who made it very clear they knew pretty much from day one that each had found their soul mate.emily-dishes2

p.s. I have to admit that many tissues were consumed in the execution of this wedding – all tears of joy.