Each year, improperly stored and discarded vehicle batteries create health, fire and safety hazards for humans, animals and the environment. To encourage motorists to “round up” and recycle their used batteries, AAA will hold its annual Great Battery RoundupĀ® from April 18 – 24.

During the week-long round up, motorists are urged to drop off their used vehicle batteries at a AAA owned or AAA Approved Auto Repair facility across the state. The collected batteries will be turned in for recycling at no charge. In addition, for every battery collected, the auto club will donate $4 to Tucson Clean and Beautiful (or Keep Phoenix Beautiful, depending on where you turn in your battery).
April 18-24, hours vary
Throughout Arizona at All AAA owned or AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities
Find your nearest AAA Approved Auto Repair facility at www.aaaaz.com/auto.

For more Information: 520-258-0518
Email: mpekas@arizona.aaa.com
Website: www.aaaaz.com/greatbatteryroundup