Several weeks ago, my doorbell rang and there was Jeanette Packard from Ben’s Bells presenting me with a bell. To understand it, take the time out of your life to visit www.bensbellsorg.  The bell was awarded to me from my friend Larry Finuf from Wells Fargo. It was for Celebrate Kindness Day 2010.  The little note attached read: “Thank you for sharing your kindness.  You are changing the world.” Some people want to win an Oscar or an Emmy.  I have always hoped I would someday be honored by being belled.  It amazes me that through incredible pain, suffering and tragedy,the Packards have created a sustainable, joyous organization that is all about community.

I invite you to visit Ben’s Bells website and really take a moment to pause and think about what one family did and continues to do to make a difference for one community.  Then I invite you to consider what you can do to either make your own dream come true or to volunteer at some place in your community OR do something to support an organization on the ground in the Gulf.  We need every one of them. If not now, when? 

Thanks, Larry, for making one of my dreams come true.  It truly was an act of kindess on your part.