How great is it to have the love, support and inspiration from your husband, your daughters, your grandchildren and other family members for your chosen path in life?  Even if that path is to be a green radio talk show hostess? When I set out on the path to becoming Mrs. Green, at 57 years young I might add, they were & continue to be the wind power in my sails. They continue to stand by me through the ups and downs, the challenges and yes – even the tears when I research issues that sadden & concern me deeply.

Allow me to share this video with you that my daughter, Katie, shared with me. My children are proud of me for my courage, for my honesty & for my tenacity. Does it get any more sustainable than that? They help me believe in my path.

Here’s to the entrepreneurs of the world – especially the green ones. We can still change the world because we are the game changers. Let’s stand strong for the preservation of this planet of ours. Let’s sustain each other in the challenging times we face. Let’s make living consciously and green living and eco-friendly proud components of our green branding. Let’s take small steps and together make a big green impact. Let’s be on purpose.