Give a Little Green

 To benefit A Project of the Tucson Trails Tribute Fund

There have always been a variety of FUN summer time traditions for May Day.  Sadly one of them, the practice of giving a plant or basket of flowers to your neighbor, has faded over time.  So we decided that this year we would Revive the Giving of the Green Tradition!

Why?   Because scientific studies show the importance of human interaction with nature and how greening our surroundings plays a critical role in human health and social functioning of a community.  Much like eating greens provides essential nutrients to our bodies so does being around green living things. Healthcare professionals coined the term “Vitamin G” – for vitamin Green – and suggest that it should be provided in regular doses.  Among its many benefits, Vitamin Green lowers stress levels, improves immune functioning and supports mental health and well-being.

AND… of course, because we need to raise some money!

So we hope you can help by dropping by anytime…

Saturday, May 5th, 2012
Plants for the Southwest
A Desert Plant Nursery – 50 E. Blacklidge Drive
(2 blocks south of Fort Lowell and east of Stone)
Open: 9 am – 5 pm

You can give a little “Green” to support the work of BEYOND
by picking up gift for a neighbor, yourself, family or a friend !

Here is how it works:
50% of ALL proceeds from PLANT purchases made on Saturday, May 5th
will be donated to BEYOND, a project of the Tucson Trails Tribute Fund.

Its a GREAT time to redo the yard in all native desert plants!
See choices here:

If you cannot attend on Saturday, but would still like to contribute to our work,
please DONATE here:

For more information you can always contact Michelle Crow at or (520) 975-8443