When I received this Facebook post several days ago, it knocked my socks off, touched my heart & inspired me deeply. It gave me hope for the world & for humanity. Small steps, big impact? Green giving? The power of one? It’s all of it and it’s really all great.  On a selfish level, it made me feel great that Rod remembered our call & reached out to share this.  Enjoy!

“About a year ago you asked your listeners to call in with green Christmas ideas.  I called and told you and your listeners about our family providing livestock for families in extreme poverty.  Just wanted to update you on this year’s family Christmas project. Our son, Jordan, gave a persuasive speech in his 9th grade English class about how the lack of clean water kills millions each year.  In response, we sent a letter to our extended family challenging them to join us in providing a well for a village in Somalia through www.worldconcern.org. The cost would be $3000.  At last count we’re over $2900.  This Christmas we gather in Dallas at my Mom’s place and will be celebrating bringing a little peace on Earth for some folks in a little village in Africa.

What more can I say?