feet with sneakers hanging off the edge of a very tall building

The Earth is what we all have in common.

Ready to do some good for yourself and our planet? We start now.

5 steps toward change this week:

  1. Looking for a fun project this weekend? Here is a great one and fun for kids too! Upcycle your old t-shirt into a cool shopping bag: learn how
  2. Going with the old t-shirt theme – host a wardrobe swap party! Get some friends together and ask everyone to bring items from their closet that they no longer want or wear and then swap away. Helps to reduce the amount of new goods purchased.
  3. Pick one item, that you are current using in your life, that is disposable. Explore ways that you can stop using that item in its disposable form – for example, paper towels. How can you stop using paper towels? Perhaps stack cloth towels in the same location of the paper towel holder and grab for the cloth first. Eventually, you will only grab for the cloth and the paper towels will be history – saving the planet and your bank account.
  4. How are you doing on not using plastic water bottles? Commit to not using plastic bottles in your home and office. Grab that reusable water bottle and take action today!
  5. Put your old sneakers to good use – donating to thrift stores is a great way to keep old shoes out of the landfill, but there are other great ways to make a big difference too! They can magically get turned into playground equipment and more.