Reusable shopping bagIt is that time of year when we start thinking about ways to make our lives “better” – healthier, happier, more connected, etc. What if we decided to make 2019 the year of living consciously?
We could get into quite the discussion about resolutions – are they good ideas? Are they effective? Do they work? Resolutions are not on our scope – the Mrs. Green team chooses to focus on mindfulness. In what ways can we raise our individual consciousness, so that our behavior choices benefit our own health, the health of those we love and the planet? Think of it this way: we are turning resolutions into revolutions!

Need ideas? Here are a few of our favorites:

    1. Use only reusable shopping bags – refuse to use plastic grocery bags!
    2. Skip the straw – if you need a straw, bring your own stainless steel or glass straw with you.
    3. Eat organic as much as possible – one way to start is to commit to only purchasing organic vegetables and fruit, or meat, and after you have done that for a period of time, add in another item (already buying organic fruit, add organic vegetables, and so on)
    4.  And speaking of meat, start eating less meat Рperhaps make one day a week meat free or only eat meat once a week (or even better, never!)
    5. Take steps to lessen your consumption – purchase items from a thrift/second-hand store or borrow items from others that have short term use (home improvement tools, serving dishes for parties, tables/chairs, etc)
    6. Homemade green cleaning.Lemon and baking soda on white backgroundLearn about the ingredients in your body products and start buying one product that is 100% sustainable from its ingredients to its packaging, etc. Then, build on that product until all of your body products are healthy for you and the planet!
    7. Make your own home cleaning products.
    8. Stop using plastic, or at least stop using plastic bottles. Get yourself a reusable bottle and carry it with you everywhere.
    9. Turn off the tap. Brushing your teeth? Shut off the water until you are ready to rinse. Water is a resource and shouldn’t be wasted.
    10. Stop using pesticides and weed control products in your yard. There are sustainable options that are safe for your plants, grass, pets and our water systems.

What can you add to this list? Share your personal revolution with us – you can inspire the world.