Mrs. Green gets her hair dyed with chemical-free 97% botanicals at VerVe Aveda

Many green marketing experts report that the number one reason why people make more sustainable choices is for their health.  The air you breathe, the food you eat, the chemicals you use on your body and in your home and garden, all have an impact on your health. Mrs. Green provides you with ways to make healthier choices for you, your family and the planet.


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Planting the Seed for Urban Farming


Will Allen, Farmer, Founder and CEO of Growing Power – On the credential side of things, Will is recognized as a preeminent practitioner of urban agriculture in America and throughout…

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Simple Tips, Thoughts to Ponder & Some Really Good News

This newsletter has something for everyone: Nine simple, money saving tips for storing leftovers without using plastic (a few of which will surprise and delight you!); three facts about plastics and cancer; three fun factoids about three of our partners, and three pieces of really good news in Mrs. Green’s World. Read on and enjoy!

What You Had to Say about DuPont

New reader to Mrs. Green’s World Newsletter? Welcome and thanks for joining us. Please click here to read, or at least scan, the last newsletter or the following will make no sense to you whatsoever! We asked for readers to share their thoughts and share they did.

What’s The Greenest Car of All?

If you have been a part of the Mrs. Green’s World tribe for any time at all, you know that I am very proud of my sponsors/partners or they wouldn’t be one! I believe in them or at the very least I believe in the products or services they sell. It’s no secret that the […]

Eight Pages in the New York Times?

Five Excerpts That Might Change Your Life.

Happy 2016 from the entire Mrs. Green’s World team! Sorry to hit you with such a heavy topic for the first newsletter of the New Year but this one had to be written…

Did You Know?

Mrs. Green’s Steps to a Healthier Future

1. The number ONE reason why people make more sustainable choices is for their health?
2. Did you know that health — of our bodies, our homes, our children, our planet — is what motivates Mrs. Green every single day?
3. YOU can make a difference in all of these areas by taking green baby steps every area of your life. Become a part of Mrs. Green’s world and I promise you — our future is healthier!