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Just what things can you do in your home to save energy, water, and ultimately the planet AND money? Mrs. Green has tons of ideas for you. You may want to install some awnings or coat your roof or have an enery or water audit. Or, you may want to harvest your rainwater or go all the way by installing solar on your house. Mrs. Green will help you make informed decisions.

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How Healthy Is Your Apple?


Amie Valpone, Editor-in-Chief of The Healthy Apple – Amie’s mission is to change the way people eat and her tagline is: Feeding People Food – The Way Food Was Meant…

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To Heat or Not To Heat: That is the Question

(Where Chemicals Lurk in your Kitchen)
In the last newsletter I asked about topics you would like to see covered in our newsletter and you answered. Thank you! I was touched by the number of responses and the quality of the questions. I will do my best to cover every topic in the upcoming newsletters.

It’s Just a Little Bit of Grease, Right?

Wrong!  Here’s the skinny on why you don’t want to throw grease down your drain EVER.  In other words, you do NOT want the Grease Monster to get you. 1. It could clog your pipes 2. It could cause costly repair bills 3. It could cause RAW sewage to back up into your home.  (This […]

When it comes to food, let facts get in the way.

  “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.”  I know I am dating myself referencing that OLD song by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (we’re talking 1968 here – yikes!) but ever since I interviewed Amy Kalafa (filmmaker of Two Angry Moms) on my show last October, real food is always on my mind, and […]

The Power of the Purge – 4 Easy Baby Steps!

Blog #3 in the series Confessions of an Eco-Evader by Sue Carr: If you follow this blog, you know that I’ve been spending more than my fair share of time on the Environmental Working Group website…

Did You Know?

Three Things About aPriori International

1. I am about 100% sure you did NOT know that members of the aPriori team have been Mrs. Green’s professional and business coaches in some form or fashion since 1992. (I was in my early forties and had started my first company.)
2. Did you know that aPriori has consistently coached my teams (with 3 companies) to turn our natural strengths into a powerful offer that is ours and ours alone?
3. Did you know that their executive coaching option is unique in the marketplace and is used worldwide by both Fortune 100 companies and individuals and entrepreneurs? No client/company is too big or too small for aPriori. They give you their all.