For over 10 years, Mrs. Green’s World has been a consistent voice inviting people to join us in a spirit of hope, possibility and change when it comes to the preservation of this great planet of ours. We don’t want to tell you what to think, we just want you to think about things that truly matter. Like the ever present danger of climate change. Patreon is a very important step for Disruptors for Good to keep our fight against climate change going. It is the engine that provides a platform to sustain, strengthen and to support our mission. That mission is to educate, inspire and engage people to take action for their health, the health of those they love, and the health of the planet. To be the champions of Mother Earth. To do that, we need you. Without you, our listeners, our likers, our tribe – there would be no us. You have been and will always be the reason there is an “us” and an essential reason why we get up every day to be the change we wish to see in the world. We want to produce content that is rich in ideas and inspiration, as well as solutions that empower all of us to be agents of change. We have already produced several special podcast series on topics such as food, health, climate research and energy…and we have many more to come…but we need your support to give those dreams life. Our vision is to be the most trusted educational platform addressing the world’s environmental crisis. To reach that goal, we are breaking ground on new initiatives that bring awareness to our message. Focusing on environmental and social justice through public speaking, authoring a new book, and talking about solutions to our climate reality. Your support ensures that we continue to reach, and influence, those on their own path towards a more sustainable world for all. Please join us AND help spread the word because you matter and because this is a fight worth fighting. #DisruptorsForGood