Latest Past Events

Southern Arizona Climate Action Forum

Join the Southern Arizona Climate Action forum. These candidates are passionate about halting climate change with its heat, drought, water shortages, and environmental injustice. They will share their vision for a clean energy future for Arizona - and answer your questions! There will be information about registering and elections and tips for volunteering. Let's make […]

Demystifying Carbon

The Core at La Encantada 2905 E. Skyline Drive, Tucson

A free lecture with community wellness partners Tucson Medical Center and Mrs. Green's World. Topics Healthy Living Heart & Vascular Demystifying Carbon In-Person Audience and Livestream Feb. 20, 2 p.m., Mrs. Green’s World HEART HEALTH FEATURED EVENT: There is a lot of discussion happening about the future of our planet, but not all of it makes […]


Fostering Resiliency in Our Lives and Communities

The Core at La Encantada 2905 E. Skyline Drive, Tucson

The ability to anticipate, prepare for and respond to hazardous events, trends or disturbances related to our environment is the very definition of climate resiliency. Even if we were able to stop climate change today, our environment would continue to change for some time due to our systems responding to the warming already underway. In […]