In a Food Coma? Here’s the Cure:
1. A series of 8 podcasts hosted by Mrs. Green, who wants to wake people up from their food comas by cutting through the noise, confusion, guilt, blame or shame about healthy eating. To know better is to do better & you shall!

2. A battle cry: Think outside the package! Not everything you eat should come in one. The big food companies with millions of bucks to spend on advertising have gotten us to believe that is a good thing. Enough already! Let’s put fresh food back on our forks. Let’s grow our own. Let’s frequent Farmers Markets. Let’s buy local!

3. A source of information you can trust. Global leaders, scientists, food & ocean experts and seed savers will tell you everything from how to find out if there’s mercury in your fish to how this little piggy went to market before it ended up on your plate.

This series was made possible through a successful Kickstarter Campaign. Thanks to those who helped make it happen!