TANK'S Green Stuff is launching TANK’S GREEN&CLEAN, a Tucson community initiative. TANK'S is beyond excited to team up with Tucson Village Farm for the first event, Earthday Everyday

Earthday Everyday is graciously sponsored by
Mrs. Green’s World, Diggens Environmental, and Arizona Party Rental.

TANK'S believes that everyone wants to get dirty and GREEN&CLEAN our community!

TANK'S is looking forward to teaming up with many more Tucson businesses, residents and groups to identify and target areas that need to be GREENED&CLEANED. Together, we can create fun, safe ways to get outside, work together and reclaim and revitalize our open spaces: washes, neighborhood parks, medians, empty lots, watershed features, road shoulders, etc. (with proper permits and safety guidelines, of course).

Jason Tankersley has been working for the Tucson community for over 30 years: Identifying reusable resources, improving recycling practices, sponsoring local charities, creating organic compost and other earth friendly products, as well as fostering alliances with like-minded people like you. Support local businesses and let’s get dirty and GREEN&CLEAN Tucson!

Please contact TANK'S at Staci@ffxsite.net for ways to get dirty and green-up, and join us for Earthday Everyday at Tucson Village Farm!

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