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CEDO – Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans

Welcome to Mrs. Green’s World where we are raising our environmental IQs and taking action to preserve our planet. Join us each week to hear cutting edge leaders from around the world share exciting information about climate, energy, technology, healthy living, fashion and more. You can sign up to receive our newsletter, read our blog, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We are a global community of people who care about our planet and we are thrilled to have you join us.


Who is Mrs. Green?

Gina Murphy-Darling loves being Mrs. Green. She was born to inform and engage individuals and businesses in the movement toward global sustainability. As the creator and voice of Mrs. Green’s World, Murphy-Darling is a trusted voice among experts and the global community in regards to issues facing the climate and overall health of the planet.

Through the Mrs. Green’s World educational platform, Mrs. Green inspires a global community of people to raise their environmental IQs. By sharing knowledge, ideas and actions, she encourages us all to live our lives in a way that supports healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy, sustainable planet. “We challenge people to think, but don’t tell them what to think”, says Murphy-Darling. “I invite our listeners to join us in creating a world filled with hope, possibility and change for a sustainable future. Every person’s small changes add up to a big impact.”

A successful corporate executive, Gina’s passion for preserving the planet was a progressive awakening. After attending a conference on preservation of the rainforest in Peru, Murphy-Darling’s interest became her mission. Her commitment to educating mainstream people, like herself, about confusing “green issues” motivated her to launch a radio show, Mrs. Green Goes Mainstream, in 2008. The show is now a successful podcast series titled Mrs. Green’s World.

Mrs. Green’s World network encompasses a podcast series with new shows being released every Tuesday and Thursday on MrsGreensWorld.com and iHeart Radio. Mrs. Green’s World is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona with an office in Phoenix, Arizona.