Planting a few simple herbs reaps instant benefits

The number of people gardening is growing almost exponentially. Whether you are interested in starting small with an herb garden on your counter or taking a giant step into becoming a full-blown gardener (an ORGANIC one of course!), or doing it all with hydroponics, come on in! From composting to natural pest control for your plants to where you can get local support!

Radio Shows

No Food Left Behind


Gary Oppenheimer, Founder, AmpleHarvest.Org – Gary is a CNN Hero, one of Huffington Post’s “Greatest Person of the Day” winners, and the list goes on and on. But…

Mrs. Green's News


There is not a day that goes by that I am not filled with gratitude. When I received this letter from Theresa Marquez from Organic Valley Coop this past Monday, my cup runneth over. (Open Letter to Mrs. Green)

Theresa Marquez, Mission Exec.
Organic Valley Coop
August 11, 2013

So, a debate we still keep hearing is that Walmart is the boogie man and Whole Foods Market (WFM) is not far behind. How is one to be politically correct?

Choose an Issue. Watch a Video. Change the World.

Jessica Arinella. If you have ONE minute, you CAN change the world. Just ask Jessica. What You Can Do Series 365 is a series that gives viewers the power to take small steps to solve big problems. Each episode…

It’s Fall! Time to Trim, Recycle, and Plant!

Now is the perfect time to trim back rose bushes, trees, and shrubs. If You Compost: Don’t forget to use the trimmings for your compost. If You Don’t Compost: Take the trimmings to the Fairfax Companies! They will recycle everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) and turn it into green waste. Now is a great time […]

Green Schizophrenia

I think the world may truly be suffering from a new acute condition called green schizophrenia. People want green/they don’t want green.

Did You Know?

Three Things About Fairfax Companies

1. Fairfax Companies is THE leader in southern Arizona for construction waste recycling. Their stated mission is “dedication to improving the environment through innovative and creative business practices”.
2. The Fairfax Companies take ALL of the following: construction and demolition debris, inert materials, green waste, recyclable materials, LANDSCAPE materials, aggregate materials.
3. They do LEED certification documentation. The Fairfax Companies is locally owned and supports numerous charitable organizations in our community.