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Living Green Can Be Fun!
Being sustainable doesn’t mean adding something to your to-do list, it means changing things you already do or even taking some things off of it!  Cross bottled water off your grocery list, use BOTH sides of a paper before recycling it (you can make your own notebooks with sheets like these!), come up with fun craft ideas for old t-shirts and make a family activity out of it, donate the kid’s old books to the local elementary school instead of putting them in storage or worse — throwing them away.  You don’t have to change the world, just change how you use the materials you have and along the way you never know who you might influence to do the same.  Being green really CAN be fun, and Mrs. Green has some great ideas to share with you about how to get green without going crazy.

Waste:  Its Impact and What You Can Do
Waste is one of today’s biggest green issues.  Many things that go to the landfill can be recycled; old textbooks, plastic drink bottles, and aluminum cans are just a few examples.  These items pollute the air and oceans and have extremely harmful effects on wildlife as well as human life.  Mrs. Green has some startling facts about how waste harms the planet and its inhabitants and she offers simple tips to reduce the waste in your household.  Reusable shopping bags, refillable water bottles, and locally grown foods are just some of the easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Turning Your Passion into a Movement
Mrs. Green is not only an environmental enthusiast, but a great green success story.  When she found her passion in sustainability, she ran with it and what’s the result?  A radio show, a monthly newsletter delivered to hundreds of e-mailboxes, and the opportunity to teach others how to change their lives.  Let Mrs. Green teach your organization how to turn dreams into lifestyles — and maybe even keep it green along the way

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