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Participate in our survey, and you could win this ultra-green, ultra-unique tote bag or a gift certificate for Ecco Bella organic skincare products.

Mrs Green Survey Prize

Ultra-Green Tote

This hand-woven tote is crafted with single-use shopping bags in blue and yellow.  The design formed automatically as the bags were compressed in the weaving process into a bright, festive diamond pattern. The tote is hand washable (dry naturally). Measures 15” wide x 12” high x 3” deep. Retail value: priceless.



Ecco Bella ProductsEcco Bella Gift Certificate

Ecco Bella was started to provide cruelty-free organic cosmetics and natural skin care products. The effort grew to include products derived from organics and vitamins. These organic cosmetics and natural skin care products offer a pure and beautiful experience, while helping to conserve our planet and protect its animals. Certificate value:  $175.

How to enter:

1. Between now and August 31, fill out the survey below.
2. The winner will be determined by random drawing and then contacted by email; the winner will have 48 hrs to accept their prize. If we do not receive an answer, we’ll do another drawing.


1. Only one entry per person.
2. Contest is open to all survey participants except Mrs. Green’s World team members and their families.
3. All items with a red asterisk below are required in order to submit the survey and be eligible to win the drawing.


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