Food Series: “What Am I Eating and Why Should I Care?”



In a Food Coma? Here’s the Cure:

1. A series of 8 podcasts hosted by Mrs. Green, who wants to wake people up from their food comas by cutting through the noise, confusion, guilt, blame or shame about healthy eating. To know better is to do better & you shall!

2. A battle cry: Think outside the package! Not everything you eat should come in one. The big food companies with millions of bucks to spend on advertising have gotten us to believe that is a good thing. Enough already! Let’s put fresh food back on our forks. Let’s grow our own. Let’s frequent Farmers Markets. Let’s buy local!

3. A source of information you can trust. Global leaders, scientists, food & ocean experts and seed savers will tell you everything from how to find out if there’s mercury in your fish to how this little piggy went to market before it ended up on your plate.

This series was made possible through our successful Kickstarter Campaign. Thanks to those who helped make it happen!


Food Episode 1: The Food Revolution – Heal Your Body & Your World with Food

Aired Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ocean Robbins, CEO, The Food Revolution Network – John and Ocean Robbins launched the Food Revolution Network in 2013 and now have a membership of over 85,000. Their mission…

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Food Episode 2: The Pleasure Trap: Mastering The Hidden Force that Undermines Health and Happiness

Aired Saturday, April 12, 2014

Doug Lisle, PhD, Director of TrueNorth Health Center (featured in the infamous Forks Over Knives), author and advocate for plant-based diet – According to people who know him, Dr. Lisle really…

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Food Episode 3: Saving Seeds for Future Generations

Aired Saturday, April 19, 2014

Diane Ott Wheatley, Co-founder and Vice President, Seed Savers Exchange – Diane has been a national leader in the heirloom seed movement and a strong advocate for the protection…

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Food Episode 4: Straight from the Earth

Aired Saturday, April 26, 2014

Myra Goodman, Founder, Earthbound Farm – Although Myra grew up eating mostly processed foods & very little fresh produce, her diet has evolved to being very healthy for the past twenty…

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Food Episode 5: Good Food on a Tight Budget

Aired Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dawn Undurraga, Nutritionist, Environmental Working Group – Dawn has witnessed first-hand how our current food system affects people’s lives, and she is committed to shaping policies…

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Food Episode 6: The Unhealthy Truth

Aired Saturday, May 10, 2014

Robyn O’Brien – A former financial and food industry analyst Robyn O’Brien triggered an allergic reaction in the food industry when she asked: “Are we allergic to food or what’s been…

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Food Episode 7: Mother Nature’s Foodie

Aired Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gary Paul Nabhan – Gary is an agricultural ecologist, ethno botanist, and writer whose work has focused primarily on the plants and cultures of the desert Southwest. Growing food in hotter…

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Food Episode 8 – Let’s Get These GMOs Labeled!

Aired Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gary Hirshberg, Co-founder and Chairman, Stonyfield Farms – After more than 30 years as a pioneer of sustainable business practices, this organic yogurt entrepreneur is stirring…

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