UA Carson Scholarship Podcast Series

The Carson Scholarship program is dedicated to the vision created by Rachel Carson who, through her writings and work, alerted the world to the dangers of chemical pesticides and launched our modern environmental movement.

The Institute of the Environment Carson Scholars Program cultivates and advances interdisciplinary environmental scholarship at the University of Arizona. The program is designed to build a network of graduate students and faculty devoted to furthering knowledge and awareness of Earth’s natural environment and  its interactions with people. The program also encourages individual initiative, innovation, and communication. Carson Scholars, through their emphasis on excellence in interdisciplinary environmental scholarship, problem-solving, and communicating science to a broad audience, will become leaders in the advancement of collaborative solutions to environmental challenges among the public, private, NGO, and academic sectors.

Please enjoy the podcasts provided below. Mrs. Green has interviewed four of these Carson Scholars and they discuss important issues such as plant-pollinator interactions and insect-host plant interactions;  animal behavior from an ecological and evolutionary perspective; intersections between art and science; and more!


Carson Scholar Aletris Neils – Aired 3/24/14

Aletris is a Ph.D. student in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment. She earned a B.S. in conservation biology from Arizona State University as well as an M.S. in interdisciplinary ecology from the University of Florida.

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Carson Scholar Luke Parsons – Aired 3/17/14

Luke is a Geosciences PhD student studying the duration and frequency of drought and monsoons. His research focuses on reconstructing past drought using lake sediments. Luke also tests the ability…

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Carson Scholar Lisa Wang – Aired 3/10/2014

Lisa is a Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology specializing in animal behavior. Lisa studies and discusses the following in this Caron Scholars Segment: how color drives behavior in…

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Carson Scholar Eric Magrane – Aired 3/4/14

Eric is a Research Assistant and Carson Scholar at the Institute of the Environment and a PhD Student at the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona as well as a Poet…

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