The Arizona Youth Climate Strike is coming back to Tucson in force! If you live in the Tucson area please join us at Jácome Plaza Downtown next to the Tucson City Hall for our next climate strike from 2:30 to 5:00 pm on December 6th. High school walkouts will be arriving at approximately 1:00 to 1:30. Public parking is available at in the area and the event can be reached by Sun Link. Tucson's newly installed Mayor Regina Romero and IPCC author Diana Liverman will be speaking in support of our highlighted youth activists, in addition to a wide swath of supportive legislators. The strike will start with a march around Tucson's governmental hub and then transition to speeches and chants for our voices to be heard! The Climate Crisis is the most urgent issue our generation faces today. Tucson youth will be standing alongside the millions of other young people striking across the United States and across the world. Our generation will be one of the first denied the privilege of dying of old age. Instead, we will become the victims of climate change. We encourage Arizonans of all ages to join us as we demand that our elected officials take action by declaring a climate emergency and enacting a climate change action plan. The event's sound system will be powered fully by renewable solar generators provided by gracious support from the Loft Cinema. Please register through Action Network at and mark yourself as 'going' to share the event with your friends/family and make our voices as powerful as possible! Remember: Bring water, make a resuable poster, wear sunscreen, and get ready to make some noise!