“I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas” Holiday Drawing Submissions

Miriam McGill
We are wrapping our gifts in recycled newspaper and let the kids decorate them with crayon drawings!

Carlie Thompson
Every year we buy a book and a movie at Bookmans for our kids to open on Christmas Eve. It comes in a box with new pj’s, and homemade popcorn, so we can have a snuggly evening. We sure love Bookmans!

Mary Burke
Purchased reusable shopping bags from the animal rescue site to give as gifts for Christmas! The shelter makes money, and everyone gets a great bag for their purse!

Carla Pothier
My tip is to both donate and shop at our local resale shops for gifts. This is the true essence of recycling, and if you do so at your favorite charity sponsored store, you’re also giving back to our community in a big way !!

Nancy Stewart
One of the annual presents my husband and I give each other at Christmas is a fruit tree. We enhance our yard, create shade for the dogs, habitat for the birds and bees and get to enjoy it for years to come!

Randy Livingston
Unplug your unused electronics such as phone chargers and gaming devices. You will save energy!!!!

Meghan Stritar
Real or Fake tree?? When I moved out and needed to decide I asked my mom for our aluminum tree from the 60s. Reusing for over 50 years! 🙂 And it is so unique.

Bobbie Weems
This year I am sending christmas letter emails, along with the fact that I am making baked goods for my friends and family this year.

Susan Moreno
To save on energy I help a few low income families tape up clear plastic over the windows in their homes. It helps keep the cold out keeping the heaters from coming on more. This helps them save on the gas bills, so they can get things they need for the family .Something I also do. You can use water paints and paint Holliday pictures on them too.

Amie Sue Oldfather
This year, I saved all the empty cans from canned beans, etc. I peeled the wrapper off and glued twine around it, from the top to the bottom. I then added a pretty embellishment. I used these cans to fill with homemade granolas to give as gifts. They eat the granola and then use the can to store pens in or spare change…anything really!

Monisha Banerjee
I love to cook and bake… what better gift then something home made. Often cheaper than buying something in the store, yet a labor of love. And I give the treats in a pretty reusable container… so it’s two gifts in one a yummy treat to eat and a container for future use. You can edit this part… but I started this tradition when i was in college and didn’t have much money to buy gifts for my whole family, so I made truffles and then added cookies and other candies to the mix. I offered to start buying gifts for everyone after I graduated and everyone said only if I agreed to make the treats too. 🙂

Keely Sinclair
Probably the greenest tip I can offer is for people to offset their carbon footprint when they travel by planting a tree in their community (e.g. here we can do so through Trees for Tucson), through Terra Pass, Native Energy, etc. “The Grinch isn’t the only one who should be green this Christmas.” 😉

Terri Sinclair
Besides using LED lights on the tree, sending e-cards vs. paper, and re-using gift bags for wrapping, the biggest green holiday tip is with baking.

I use brown paper bags instead of plastic ziplock or saran wrap. I can decorate the bags with, stickers, stencils, paint, or markers.

I use tupperware to store leftovers, and there is no saran wrap in my house.
I use an induction burner instead of gas or electric stove, because it’s the most efficient way to cook.

Kindle Rising
All year long I save my pre-school aged daughter’s easel paintings (usually done on large pieces of butcher paper) and then use them as wrapping paper for gifts. Also, I re-use ribbon year after year (I think I have some gifts tied with ribbon at least 10 years old) and definitely re-use every gift bag I get!

Shirley Dunn Perry
As a quilter, I have lots of beautiful fabric odds and ends …. so I use them to wrap presents in.

Leslee Morrison
Buy a small live pine tree to decorate, and you can use it year after year. That way you are not cutting down a tree, and you are growing a Holiday friend.

Annie Trice
Doing green toys for the kiddos this year. is a great place to start. No BPA, phthalates, or PCV. Made from 100% recycled milk jugs. We got a great tugboat bath toy (comes in recycled cardboard that is recyclable) and are wrapping it in a bath towel. Other small gifts wrapped in cloth napkins and gently used linens tied neatly with reusable ribbon. Green fun all the way around 🙂

Amy Bivins
Use old toys to make new gifts when the kids are older. We took the heads from old dinosaur figurines and glued them to wood blocks to make sci-fi hunting trophies. Also, old neckties can be cut and see into new bracelets. And white rubber erasers make awesome reusable stamps.



Daniel Donohue
Re-use tissue paper for wrapping!

Michael Weiseman
My favorite holiday green tip is to use gift bags, or even gift bag-like shopping bags from stores, instead of gift wrap. This is great for two reasons! First, if you’re not a very good gift wrapper (like I am), then your gifts will look great with very little effort. Second, and most important, you can reuse all of the gift bags you receive for future gifts. Most tissue paper is not accepted for recycling, but you can reuse it many times. Also, using paper that IS recyclable (e.g., newspaper, comics, advertisements) is also a great alternative to tissue paper. Reuse those bags because every little bit helps!

Michelle Cheever
This year I have been making lots of gifts at home. I made homemade bath salts with essential oils, sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda, all items that I already had in the house! I am making Christmas stockings for my family out of eco felt, made from recycled plastic bottles, and I have also made ornaments from felt and decorated some onesies for my nephew and a friend of my son’s using vintage ribbons and trims. Using items from around the house also helps me decrease pollution by not driving, and lets me spend more time with my son, who will be two in January. Yay, eco-holidays!!!

Marge Pellegrino
Buying gifts from local artisans at bazaars and markets so there’s less carbon used in shopping and transporting.

Angela Heal
Purchase a living tree you can move outside after the holidays. 🙂

Susan Gregory
We like to make our decorations to hang on the tree out of paper little ones get a kick out of doing it for a craft and they are more special than the store bought ones and you can reuse them year after year. I also like to wrap presents in the funnys from the newspaper that helps you reuse the paper and also saves you money on buying wrapping paper.

Courtney Lavaty
We use all led lights to cut down on electricity usage.

Jenn T
I save gently used tissue paper and bows to reuse them every year. I also like to buy printed shirt boxes (or any other size) so that I don’t have to use wrapping paper, and they can be reused over and over again! You can find holidat themed boxes this time of year. This year, Santa is painting plain boxes specific to each of my daughters and they will get used again next year.

Tracey Crane
Looking out to reuse any boxes I get in the mail to ship gifts on to others. Also, reuse any paperboard boxes for clothing items. I like to collapse these and put them in the closet with wrapping supplies to be reused all year long for birthday, mother’s day, father’s day gifts, etc.

Maggie Balch
chop your trees and garlen up and put in the local dog park!

Terry Flores
My circle of friends and I are nearly rabid recyclers. Each year we commit to not actually writing on cards or gift tags or bags, so we can reuse them. And we don’t care the holiday whatever — we reuse and reuse over and over. We put a post-it sticky inside the cards with our name, and then pass it along to someone else in the group. Cards and gift bags have made the rounds through our group more than once, and we feel a kind of badge of honor to NOT go buy a bag, or a card.

Laura Penney
I signed up with years ago, and no longer receive 497 holiday catalogs, many for products and companies I don’t use, but from which I ordered a gift for someone 5 years ago. I can still get catalogs from the companies I want, and the rest go away. Almost all catalog companies honor a request from catalogchoice to discontinue mailings – and if they don’t, I stop ordering from them!

Becky Madigan
Instead of giving Christmas gifts this year, ask loved ones to donate to a charitable organization instead!

China Taylor
Keep freah trees watered for fewer lost of pines needles and to avoid breakage of limbs. It will also help to hold he fresh, clean smell.

Coppelia Tarantal
Using recycled paper is great but that is only step one. Once you unwrap the presents flatten the paper out and do some art projects. You can find easy origami creations the whole family will enjoy make online or create other decorations for the house. This would be a great family tradition to do on Christmas day. You are not only recycling and reusing but spending time with loved ones being creative!

Coppelia Tarantal
Coppelia TarantalUsing recycled paper is great but that is only step one. Once you unwrap the presents flatten the paper out and do some art projects. You can find easy origami creations the whole family will enjoy make online or create other decorations for the house. This would be a great family tradition to do on Christmas day. You are not only recycling and reusing but spending time with loved ones being creative!

Amber Mazzei
Last year many friends and family members gave goodies in reuseable tins. I am recycling/reusing those tins this year when I give out my goodies 🙂 I also make a few extra trips to the grocery store this time of year so I made sure all my reuseable bags are in the car and ready to use instead of the plastic bags (gasp!!!)

Merry Christmas Mrs. Green!! Keep up the great work!

Craig Green

I buy recycled (“post-consumer”) wrapping paper and holiday cards and look for paper and cards made from non-toxic ink.