The Fairfax Companies

Fairfax Mission StatementHow does the company exemplify the concept of “reducing”?

The Fairfax Companies reduces waste by recycling as much of the material that comes into the business. As much paper, plastic, cardboard, steel, copper, aluminum, electronics, tires, and landscape waste is recycled as possible.

How does the company exemplify the concept of “reusing”?

All of the materials diverted from the landfill are repurposed. some of the materials are turned into products that can be used locally. These products include: boiler fuel, compost, mulch, animal bedding, topsoil, recycled concrete, and asphalt. All other materials are sent to companies that repurpose and create products from the recovered materials.

What is this company’s recycling policy and practice?

The Fairfax Companies is a recycling company. Every employee is asked to help the company reach its goal of zero waste.

How is this company engaging and informing consumers and employees about the 3 “Rs” and other sustainable practices?

Fairfax engages in public education by inviting schools to either come and tour our facilities to learn about the importance of recycling or we go to the schools and teach them. Fairfax labels its products so as to inform the consumer that what they may have thrown away could be part of the product they are now buying for use in their home or business. The CEO Jason Tankersley also works with several organizations in Tucson to help educate and spread the word about what Fairfax is doing. Some of these organizations are: Tucson Clean and Beautiful, The Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce, The US Green Building Council Southern Arizona Chapter, and Southern Arizona Home Builders Association Green Building Council.

What else would you like us to know about this company?

The Fairfax Companies has three divisions: Tank’s Green Stuff ASCO Compost, Tank’s Roll Off and Recycling Services, The three Recycling and Landfill Facilities. We Are dedicated to finding or creating markets for all Construction, Demolition, and Landscape waste generated here in Tucson.