Realm LogoHow does the company exemplify the concept of “reducing”?

Sustainability is not just a style at Realm; it has been at the heart of our mission, vision and values since the inception of our company.

Realm is a Certified Green Business through the City of Tucson.

Realm reduces their gasoline usage through the employment of electric tools that have rechargeable batteries. We also fill every seat of our fleet vehicles to make sure our vehicles are high occupancy.

We only use native plants, incorporate principles of xeriscaping and smart water usage.

Realm helps the people of Tucson use 28,000 gallons less water every year for their landscapes through smart irrigation practices and solar sync timers. In the average American household, outdoor water use accounts for 58% of residential water use. This is why it is imperative for Realm as a company to inform their clients and the Tucson community about smart water usage in the landscape.

How does the company exemplify the concept of “reusing”?

The only thing Realm doesn’t reuse are their designs.

Realm has a nursery where unwanted plant material is salvaged and replanted for future landscaping projects.

Realm helps the people of Tucson reuse water with the incorporation of rain water harvesting and grey water systems.

One sided paper in the paper gets reused for scrap paper.

What is this company’s recycling policy and practice?

Realm’s office is 100% sustainable. Each trash can in the office is recycling only. We recycle ink cartridges, paper, packing materials, and we only use green cleaning products. We employ paperless invoicing practices.

Our shop recycles all metal scrap, site furnishings, green waste and glass.

The company’s employee handbook clearly states that organic landscaping practices and lowering our carbon foot print are very important for the company.

How is this company engaging and informing consumers and employees about the 3 “Rs” and other sustainable practices?

Realm is the only company in Tucson that promotes 100% organic landscape maintenance practices. This is important to our clients and employees alike. Our clients like chemical free environments that are safe for their family and pets. Our employees appreciate not having to be exposed to harmful landscape pesticides and chemicals while at work.

Our company was built on sustainable practices nearly 20 years ago. Although “green washing” is a recent trend, it’s nothing new to us.

We also teach classes at a number of venues including Tohono Chul Park and the Tucson Botanical Gardens for individuals that want to learn more about incorporating sustainable landscape practices into their lifestyles.

What else would you like us to know about this company?

Our owner and Principal Designer, Jason Isenberg, has been an advocate for sustainability, organic landscaping practices and the three R’s for decades. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of the aforementioned and he is a great role model for all people in Tucson.