Southern Arizona Rain Gutters

Southern Arizona Rain GuttersSouthern Arizona Rain Gutters is Tucson’s finest. S.A.R.G installs seamless aluminum rain gutters. The gutters come in many sizes, and colors. You never have to paint them. They all have 100 year warranties. But hold on, the best part is we gutter for Rain water harvesting. Our company installs gutters specifically with rain water harvesting in mind.

We design water harvesting for the residential back yard gardeners, the custom homes, rural country gardeners, off grid folks, and commercial buildings.

The company has been in business in Tucson for 8 years. Family owned by three brothers.

Saving our rain water is our number one privilege . Every system is custom designed and made for the amount of water needed for the property.



Realm LogoSustainability is not just a style at Realm; it has been at the heart of our mission, vision and values since the inception of our company.

Realm is a Certified Green Business through the City of Tucson.

Realm reduces their gasoline usage through the employment of electric tools that have rechargeable batteries. We also fill every seat of our fleet vehicles to make sure our vehicles are high occupancy.

We only use native plants, incorporate principles of xeriscaping and smart water usage.

Realm helps the people of Tucson use 28,000 gallons less water every year for their landscapes through smart irrigation practices and solar sync timers. In the average American household, outdoor water use accounts for 58% of residential water use. This is why it is imperative for Realm as a company to inform their clients and the Tucson community about smart water usage in the landscape.


 St. Michael’s Parish Day School

St. Michaels Color LogoAt St. Michael’s Parish Day School, our three main initiatives for “green living” center around water, electricity and paper products.

As part of the construction of our Gymnasium in 2004 we installed four large water cisterns that capture 56,000 gallons of rain water annually which can be used for drip irrigation of the natural vegetation throughout the campus.

During the past three years we have had audits by both the Tucson Electric Company and the Tucson Water company. As a result we have retrofitted numerous light fixtures from incandescent to flouresent and LED fixture and installed low-flush toiletts.

Finally, during 2012 we installed 800 solar panels on the roof of our facility which virtually eliminated the need for purchased electricity.


 Western Sky Communications

Western Sky CommunicationsWestern Sky Communications is a digitally-based one-woman business that creates intellectual property. So, there isn’t a lot of stuff around here to reuse. But I’m a big one for mining the junk mail for use as scratch paper. And go to my blog and check out the garden basin that I built from busted up concrete that I bicycled home from a nearby building demolition. (I towed the concrete in my bike trailer.) A more recent bicycling treasure was a collection of clay pots that I retrieved from a neighbor’s Brush and Bulky discard pile. The pots are now part of my container vegetable garden. They have been blogged as well. In short, this isn’t just a business thing for me. It’s a way of life.


 The Fairfax Companies

Fairfax Mission StatementThe Fairfax Companies reduces waste by recycling as much of the material that comes into the business. As much paper, plastic, cardboard, steel, copper, aluminum, electronics, tires, and landscape waste is recycled as possible.

All of the materials diverted from the landfill are repurposed. some of the materials are turned into products that can be used locally. These products include: boiler fuel, compost, mulch, animal bedding, topsoil, recycled concrete, and asphalt. All other materials are sent to companies that repurpose and create products from the recovered materials.


 DPR Construction

DPR ConstructionDPR Construction is a very professional construction company that really cares about the environment. When you say sustainability, they get it, and they are willing to share their success story with others.

They took an otherwise old and unsightly building that was being used as a Castle Boutique and re-used it as a state-of-the-art office building.


Chapman Automotive

Chapman AutomotiveThe Chapman Automotive Group is part of the Green Team. They meet once a month to go come up with new ideas to help the community and how to be a better Green Company. The team then goes back to their respective dealerships to share the information and knowledge learned at these meetings. Mrs. Green now attends our monthly safety meeting for the new hire orientation to share with them our goal and commitment. “Doing our share to show we care” Each dealership recycles their toner cartridges for the printers and each dealership breaks down the boxes that parts and supplies come in and send those of to the recycling plant as well.


 Country Fair White Elephant, Inc.

White_ElephantCountry Fair White Elephant, Inc. is a non-profit thrift store called the White Elephant Shop with annual revenue of over $2 Million. We reduce waste to the environment through resales and recycling.

We are a highly respected non-profit in the community of Green Valley, Arizona. We distribute over $1.4 Million back to the community annually. We also have a new solar system on 17,000 square feet of space on our roof which generates electricity for us and for our local electric company.


 Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Sheffer's Dry Cleaning logoShaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry is proud to be a “green” pioneer in the industry. The initial investment we made over 10 years ago to switch to a green, healthier dry cleaning environment was initially very costly. We believe, however, that the health benefits for our employees, customers and the environment are well worth the investment.

At Shaffer’s we are committed to reducing our footprint on the environment in many ways:

  • In 1998, long before the green movement became mainstream, we made the costly decision to eliminate use of PERC, the toxic, carcinogenic chemical that is harmful to both the earth and humans.
  • Clothes are packaged in poly bags that disintegrate and decompose at an accelerated rate, helping to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Retro-fitting each of our 11 stores to use modern energy efficient lighting, resulting in a 15% reduction in electrical costs.
  • We reduce fuel consumption by using efficient Scion XBs and diesel Mercedes Sprinters for our home delivery vehicles. These vans average 23 mpg vs 13 mpg from conventional vans , resulting in significant fuel savings.


Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange logoSince opening our first store in Tucson in 1974, Buffalo Exchange has believed in reducing our environmental impact. Because we “buy locally” for our inventories, we reduce emissions from production and distribution and we keep textiles out of landfills. We have a long-standing “Tokens For Bags” program where we donate a nickel to charity whenever a customer chooses not to take a bag with their purchase-saving nearly nine million bags since we started the program in 1994! Our Tucson offices monitor water and energy use, use CFL lighting, have setback thermostats and we promote waste and energy reduction throughout the company.


 Sam Levitz

Sam LevitzSam Levitz has a great deal of concern for our impact on the environment. Our managers meet weekly to discuss cost containment and recycle avenues. It is expected that managers monitor what they contribute to our waste stream and what alternatives they can pursue to reduce, reuse or divert to the recycle stream. Sometimes our efforts reach outside our company and extend to the community needs. We recently opened up our foam recycle program to the community. We began accepting foam collection from Pima County and local Business to assist them in their endeavor to reducing their environmental impact and waste stream.


 Pima County

Pima County Sustainability Program logoThe Pima County Sustainability Program actively educates and informs employees about on-site opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle. The County provides educational programs for employees to promote participation in the Recycle While You Work campaign and to inform employees of what materials can be recycled. County employees also developed a document tilted “Tips for Planning a Sustainable Event” for vendors interested in holding green events at County facilities. In addition the County took the lead on creating a more sustainable event at Tucson Meet Yourself 2012 and implemented onsite composting in addition to recycling.


 Creative Slice

Creative Slice LogoAt Creative Slice, our main focus is on “Green” companies and we’ve worked with organizations throughout the country who believe that green business practices are the way of the future, and the present.

By doing all of our business digitally we rarely ever have the need to print and focus on making data accesible online to our clients and contractors.

We also focus heavy on riding bikes instead of driving and encourage both our workers and clients to ride to meetings.

We recycle (of course) and our office is made up of reclaimed and handmade products which have been accumulated over 9 years of business.


 Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Iskashitaa Refugee Network logoIskashitaa educates the public through presentations to student groups, faith based organizations, neighborhood and homeowners associations, and civic clubs about the vast amount of food waste. These groups are mobilized to help us identify food resources going to waste and harvest them, and to collect unwanted crafts supplies and redistribute them to refugees. We have been invited twice to present at the White House as a model that should be replicated across the country. Thousands of homeowners have been educated about stopping food waste through information channels including the Ward offices, Pima County Public Library, and events. We have provided community education through public service announcements, NPR, Arizona Illustrated, AZPM, and more.