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Greener Habits = More Green in Your Wallet

There really are small changes in our behaviors that we can make that will result in good things for the planet and our budget. Leslie will share with us Energy Efficiency seasonal tips on heating, on,…

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Anesthesia and Opioids: What We Need to Know

Opioid Crisis: Fact or Fiction? How did our country get here? What part have drug companies played in creating this crisis? Why ARE so many of us frightened to “go under” when we need to have a medical procedure?

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BEST OF SHOW – It IS Easy Being Green!

A little over seven years ago, a small group of dedicated individuals came together because they wanted to make a difference for their company, their community and the planet. Watch out world…

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Live Well, Live Your Best Life

Greg holds a very special place in my heart because his first book, Living Green, was one of the very first books I read when I started my Mrs. Green journey. It was a shocking eye opener for me…

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TMC: A Leading Employer in Tucson

Jenny Baarstad, Manager of Recruitment and Alixandria Bennett, HR Recruiter/Business Partner, Tucson Medical Center – Can you even begin to imagine what it’s like to recruit qualified…

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Defender of the Wet and Wild!

Kathleen Dean Moore, writer, moral philosopher, and environmental thought-leader, devoted to an unrelenting defense of the future against those who would pillage and wreck the planet…

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BEST OF SHOW: Water Policy: Challenges & Solutions

Sharon Megdal, Director, Water Resources Research Center (WRRC), University of Arizona – Truth be told, Sharon Megdal is her very own Wikipedia when it comes to everything you ever…

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BEST OF SHOW: The Public Face of Seafood Watch

Ryan Bigelow, Program Engagement Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium – Imagine having to manage all of the public facing aspects of the massive Seafood Watch Program including their consumer…

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Building Hope for the Holidays

T. Van Hook, CEO, Habitat Tucson – The holidays are the ideal time to give back to your community. Celebrating a holiday can become even more meaningful through the act of giving and sharing…

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BEST OF SHOW: Celebrating 10 Years of Making an Impact

Gina Murphy-Darling, Founder and CEO Mrs. Green’s World – Ten years ago, Gina Murphy-Darling said “yes”. She stepped into a role that she felt called to fulfill – being a vessel of education…

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