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BEST OF SHOW: Food for the Soul: Music!

Libby Roderick, American Singer, songwriter, recording artist, poet, activist and teacher – Phew – and she IS all that! For so many of us, music is our happy place, our healing place, our place…

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TEP Goes Sunnyside Up!

Ryan Anderson, Sr. Customer Relationship Manager, Tucson Electric Power – In this day and age how exciting is it to read about a friendly energy saving competition among an elementary…

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Conservation Leadership: Staying the Course

Dave Chadwick, Executive Director and Bill Geer, President of the Board, Montana Wildlife Federation – The Montana Wildlife Federation is Montana’s oldest, largest and most effective…

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Every Day is Earth Day

Shannon Breslin, Manager, Land Resources, Vegetation Management and Circuit Patrol, Tucson Electric Power Company – TEP is not your average utility company. They have a proven…

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BEST OF SHOW: Kiva: Beyond Charity

Premal Shah, President and Co-Founder and Kathleen Bennett, KIVA – I have stood in awe of this incredible organization from the first time I read about it well over ten years ago…

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BEST OF SHOW – Tucson Medical Center: An Inspiring Heart to Heart

Mike Urquhart Wellness Instructor, Tucson Medical Center – I’ll be talking with Mike about American Heart Month and how we can use this month to raise awareness about heart disease and how…

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Food Recovery: Fight Waste, Feed People

Regina Northhouse, Executive Director, Food Recovery Network – Prepare to be delighted and inspired. The Food Recovery Network is the largest student movement against hunger engaged…

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Intentional Living by Intentional Giving!

Judith Simmons, Director of Marketing, Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona – According to an article in Forbes magazine, Americans spent close to $1 trillion during the holidays last…

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Women: Keepers of the Earth

Osprey Orielle Lake, Co-Founder & Executive Director, WECAN (Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network) International – From where I sit, WECAN is doing some of the most…

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A Key to a Healthy Hospital: Secret is in the Sheets

Lacee Kimball, Manager of Laundry – When we think about cornerstones of a healthy community, we think about aspects like food systems; waste management; recreation spaces and…

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