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Why Share Your Ride?

Genine Sullivan – Let’s face it. Many of us get in a rut and new habits are hard to come by. Join us…

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All You Need is Less!

Madeleine Somerville, writer, blogger and author of the book All You Need Is Less: A Guilt-free Guide to Eco-Friendly Green Living and Sress-Free Simplicity – I think we are on a roll here with…

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Tucson Medical Center: Health, Women & Community

Nancy Johnson, CEO, El Rio Community Health Center & Julia Strange, Vice President, Community Benefit – Please join us to hear about a myriad of exciting and important community…

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Invented for Life

Nitasha Rohatqi, Brand Manager, Bosch; and Alan Thompson, District Sales Manager – From the founding of Bosch by Robert Bosch over 130 years ago, this company’s history has been…

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Ready for the Clutter Diet?

Judith Simmons, Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona, Marketing Specialist and Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet – It’s hard to believe that Spring is in the air when it seems like…

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The Least Deadly Catch: Ocean Farming in 3D

Bren Smith, owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm and Executive Director of GreenWave – When I heard Bren Smith present at Bioneers 2016 last October, I literally jumped up from my seat…

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The Future of Your Home – Part One

Armando Ruiz, Senior Tech for residential energy efficiency at TEP – What is the future of your home as it relates to energy? Where is the Energy Star rating going to take up? How efficient will…

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Biomimicry: Imitating Nature

Nicole Miller, Managing Director Biomimicry 3.8 – I admit that I first became aware of biomimicry at the Cultivating Women’s Leadership Conference I attended in July of last year. So what is…

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Five Fun Ways to Incorporate Upcycled Furniture in Your Home

Kristy Soracco, Habitat for Humanity Tucson – Just in time for spring cleaning, Kristy joins us from the HabiStore to talk about some clever ways people have incorporated up-cycled…

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All Aboard: The Goal of Mayor Jim Brainard

Jim is the six-term GOP Mayor of Carmel, Indiana (same state as Mike Pence.) He was one of only four Republicans on a Presidential task force on climate change. Although Jim…

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